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Cynthia Jensen | 11/27/14

Page one rankings are important and they will help you get more traffic and more sales. If you have a website on the internet world, you'll find that you really are nobody if people who need your products or services don't visit your site.

Frank Adorjan | 11/25/14

Having a lot of text on your website is a good way to bring in new customers.

Greg Martin | 11/24/14

Paying every time someone clicks on an ad is not the best way to get people to your site for a small amount of money. You should be on the first page of Google right at the top of the search results.

Chana Phillips | 11/22/14

Marketing your business is one of the most important things you can do.

Cassandra Worley | 11/20/14

If your current seo company only builds links, you need to make a change.

Janet Zgonc | 11/20/14

Having a lot of the same keyword on a page can help and sometimes hurt your rankings.

Jennifer Deforest | 11/18/14

You can do some keyword research but it is best left to the experts.

Gina Arnold | 11/18/14

Working with a professional seo company is the best way to get on page one of Google.

Carolyn Kohlberg | 11/18/14

Hosting your website with your seo company may bring some unexpected good results.

David Bowles | 11/18/14

Every second that it takes for your web pages to load gives your customer the opportunity to go elsewhere. There are many ways that you can tailor your website to make it more search engine friendly.

Charles Pence | 11/16/14

Google is said to be the leader of all search engines. Doing research online will tell you what keywords your best customers are using to find your product.

Elizabeth Taylor | 11/15/14

Searching the web for advice is something many people do on the mobile devices these days.

Erik Patt | 11/13/14

The more people you have coming back to your site, the more traffic that will show to the search engines. Natural rankings mean you don't pay every time someone clicks to go to your site.

Dyoniczia Rovai | 11/12/14

Top search engine placement is more important than most website owners realize.

Deborah Tully | 11/12/14

If you try to do your own internet marketing, you will probably not do a great job at it.

Ann Pomush | 11/10/14

We can save you money by getting you natural rankings where it doesn't cost you when people click to your site.

Jane Jones | 11/10/14

A simple website is much better for ranking purposes than a website with flash. If you don't know how to choose the keywords for your website, we can help.

Jessica Anderson | 11/10/14

Part of our seo service includes full page ads for your website.

Heather Hetler | 11/09/14

Choosing specific keyword phrases for your site is going to get you much better search results than using broad terms. Providing your website visitors with good information about your product will help you sell more.

Deborah Venturi | 11/09/14

Generating new content on your blog is what helps it move to the top of the search results.

Cathy Darlington | 11/09/14

We can target the traffic to your site so you get customers who are local to your retail store.

Gabrielle Kolitsos | 11/07/14

Dynamic URLs are generally not indexed by common indexing tools.

Cecelia Williams | 11/06/14

Most people these days look on the internet to find everything they need to know.

Irene Winnen | 11/06/14

If you do not follow the proper rules for submitting to each search engine, they will not give you high rankings.

Chrystal Jones | 11/05/14

If you put all the information you learn online to work and use our service to get your keyword phrases to the front pages, you will end up with more business.

Dorothy Schmidt | 11/05/14

Our search engine experts know how to help you beat your competition and be on the first page of search results.

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